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Asha Nir
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 Joshim is member of the card making team in the workshop. He also helps welcome visitors and guests by smiling and laughing with them.

Asha Nir, meaning home of hope, was founded in 2002.  There are 12 members sharing life in  Asha Nir.


Riko is one of the founding members of l'Arche Mymensingh and helped to begin Asha Nir in 2002. Riko is a member of the Rainbow Team where he enjoys playing and singing.


Rohim is one of the newest and youngest members of Asha Nir. He is fully of energy and smiles. He is also a member of Rainbow where he enjoys observing others and painting.

Mazar Ali

Mazar Ali has also been a member of Asha Nir for 11 years. He is responsible for keeping prayer and meal times organized and is a member of the Rainbow.


Akmal moved into Asha Nir in 2015. He is a member of the workshop and  is a house leader, ensuring that routines are followed and all members are cared for. He is also the house "jester":)


Munna has been a member of Asha Nir since 2008. He is also a member of the workshop where he makes candles and paints. Munna has many responsibilities including leading prayer and preparing for meals.


Sohel moved to Shopno Nir in X. He is a member of the Workshop team and enjoys sewing and embroidery.  He, along with Shohag, helps to lead prayer and organize dinner. 

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