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In Bangladesh it is often difficult for people with disabilities to be accepted in the family and in the society. The workshop can help them to have meaningful work and earn some money. In that way they get a chance of gaining respect, a place in their families and in their local communities. In the Workshop they make lovely cards, jewelry and candles which are sold in the shop nearby.


For young adults who need more specialized support and attention we have the Rainbow group. Here with help of the assistants each of the young adults discover their own gifts. They learn how to work together, how to communicate and how to play together. They improve their attention span through painting, nature and sports.


Outreach is an important aspect of our mission. By visiting families which have a member with a disability, our members develop relationship and friendship with others. Their simple presence brings much joy and consolation to the family. The assistants listen to the families and give them the necessary support and the coremembers help welcome them into the greater l'Arche community.

"We are simple tiny signs, among thousands of others, that love is possible"

                                                                                                     - Jean Vanier

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